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Dickinson & Avella has the expertise to provide legal & strategic consulting services designed to assist your business or association in achieving goals in the private sector or dealing with the various levels of public sector in New York State.


Dickinson & Avella is a leading government relations firm which represents clients, from a broad cross section of industries, concerning legislative, regulatory and administrative matters before the state legislature, executive branch including the office of the state attorney general and state comptroller, and local governments throughout New York State.


Dickinson & Avella has worked with fortune 100 companies, not-for-profits, start-ups and businesses of all sizes and in all stages of development to help craft and implement economic development and growth plans resulting in many hundreds of millions of dollars in New York State investment. Working with the Regional Economic Development Councils, Legislative Members and Leadership and the Executive we have successfully advocated for our clients to maximize state investment in their growth.


Dickinson & Avella has extensive experience in marijuana/cannabis law and policy. From the creation of the Medical Marijuana program through its evolution to its current form, Dickinson & Avella has advised industry leading international firms, not for profits and advocacy groups on how to achieve results by successfully navigating NY’s regulatory, statutory and political process.


Dickinson & Avella has extensive experience in the representation of industries from all facets of the racing & gaming industry. We have worked with  casinos, racinos, OTB's, jockeys and lottery vendors before the Executive, the state legislature and the NYS Gaming Commission.  


New York's Health Care system is heavily regulated by an intricate set of laws and regulations. Dickinson & Avella works with pharmaceutical companies, healthcare facilities, and medical associations to help them navigate this vast complex of statutory and regulatory oversight.


Dickinson & Avella assists tech start-ups and fortune 100 tech companies on numerous levels of New York State government.  From insurance issues to labor issue to New York's contract process, we have implemented strategies for our clients to successfully navigate the Department of Financial Services, the Department of Labor, the Office of the State Comptroller as well as the Legislature and the Executive.


Dickinson & Avella provides legal and governmental relations services helping business navigate the state's complex liquor laws.  Whether your business is a restaurant, bar, retailer,  wholesaler or supplier we can assist you in navigating New York State laws and regulations, including the licensing application  and amendment process.